Send off!

Crissy Field

At 11:30am we bikes over to the Warming Hut at Crissy Fields for our little send off. Joining us was Matt’s family (minus lil bro Peanut and sister Tamara), my dad, and our good friends Christina and Willy, who rode and camped with us the first day.


After delicious oatmeal from the hut we dipped our front tires in the Pacific Ocean and headed out to the Ferry Building. We missed our ferry and had to wait until 3:30pm to depart. The ride from Vallejo to Lake Solano County Park was only about 48 or so smooth miles through suburbs and farmland with a few bumps. We got startled by some angry Huskies along the way and made it to the campsite by dark.

Lake Solano Park was probably the weirdest site any of us had ever stayed in, for it is also a nature reserve. We heard peacocks all night long and at 3:00am found out what were in the spooky cages all around us: freaking crazy Chinese Silkie roosters. The campground was super nice though and showers were free and clean.


Willy Superstar representing on the hybrid — thanks for seeing us off in Davis! And Matt testing out the safety wear.


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