June 4, Day 3: Folsom to Cook’s Station (62.5 miles)


The next morning. Burrrr.


Today was crazy. The rain was not so bad but it was freezing cold. I got two flats — the first from a tiny cut in my tire and the second from not catching it the first time. Patched it and made it to Placerville where we got a much needed hot chocolate. From there on we started climbing up into the Sierras. the steep winding climb took forever. We ran into the cook from Cook’s Station along the way and at first thought we were about to get murdered. After flooring it passed us on the desolate Omo Ranch Road, he breaked and reversed unexpectedly to talk to us. Matt pulled out the pepper spray as a precaution, thinking it was some Wrong Turn shit. Anyway he was very nice and so was his creepy vintage Ford F-150. We arrived at Cook’s an hour after nightfall, set up camp in the back, warmed up chili and crawled into the tent.



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