June 5, Day 4: Cook’s to Carson City (79.5 miles)

PB&J break near the Mormon Emigrant trail and a truck looming in the background ready to plow through the shoulder.

FINALLY atop Carson’s Pass.

Nevada border

Cook’s is definitely haunted. I totally got woken up by a ghost in the middle of the night moving tubs around the restaurant before the owner told us it was haunted the next morning. We had sausages, eggs, and potatoes and headed out for the second part of climbing of the Sierras (34 miles).

It was pretty tough, but the descents were pretty gnarly. Freezing rain hitting you as you go downhill 37 or so miles per hour is painful and blinding. The final descent down Carson’s Pass lasted about 40 minutes — you go so fast that at some points you just want it to end.

Coming into Nevada we got on our favorite road so far while touring: Emigrant Trail which turns into Foothill Rd. It was the smoothest and most scenic downhill ever. We dubbed it The Chillest Road in America.

And then it started pouring. We ended the day with Double-doubles from In-n-Out and squatted at an RV park in Carson City.

Update with some more photos:

Let’s be safety.

We got hit with freezing rain on this descent. We didn’t have our gloves on at the time either. It hurt like crazy.

Carson’s Spur, avalanche area. We thought this was the summit!


Matt’s camera died shortly after this photo was taken as we got caught in heavy rain that lasted throughout the night. More photos that were taken on the camera I bought later during the trip to come.


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