Day 10: Eureka to Ely, NV (81 miles)

We had 3 climbs today through what I thought were the prettiest parts of the 50 so far: Pancake Summit (6,521′), Little Antelope Summit (7,438′), and Robinson Pass (7,588′). The descent from Little Antelope was extremely beautiful, winding between upturned compressed rocks the whole way down before coming around the Butte Mountains. After Robinson we fought some crazy headwind to get to Ely, where we were welcomed by disgruntled honking rednecks. We’re camping at the KOA just out of town with a group of 5 cyclist we met today. They’re also going across the country but with a support vehicle. Two of them are turning 70!

Ran into Richard Noble walking the rainbow flag across America









I think we perfected our sheep call, this little guy almost ran into the road after following us for a bit




  1. Small World!! I passed you all yesterday on highway 50 as you were making lunch, and stopped to see if you wanted
    some water (it’s a long way between towns on highway 50!) – I was driving a white Subaru with a bike on top. Anyway,
    I am home in Moab now, and had logged onto the Rivendell site (just wasting time…) and reading Grants blog and he mentions one of his S240 buddy’s blog ( that has photos of their trips, so I went over to that and was reading it, and he mentions his friends beginning a cross-country trip and had a couple pictures of you and I recognized you!, and then went to your blog here and sure enough it is you two. Small world. I had driven out to CA to ride my bike in Marin and Sonoma counties for a birthday treat, and was traversing highway 50 both ways. Good luck on your trip and if you come through Moab look me up. Happy Trails! Will.

    • Hi Will! Wow that’s crazy! After you left we were wondering about the pretty bike on your roof rack. Thanks for checking on us and we’re happy to have seen ya! Don’t think we’re going through Moab but I was there for the first time with a friend in April. Happy belated, maybe we’ll see each other again!

  2. Yes in the seconds that we had our exchange I noticed periphially (sp) that your bikes were steel w/leather saddles, so I knew I was among brethren/sistren ! I noticed from pics on your blog you are running hetres on yours, which i have on one of my bikes too — i love their cushy ride! There is a ’97 Rivendell road in the stable as well. What was on the car was a non-decaled long-haul trucker frame built up for touring/ randoneurring/ all-roads riding – and, there was a second pair of wheels in the car mounted with 29er knobbies for trail riding, which came in handy on one of the days in Marin. Just the day before i saw you all, i had done Levi’s King Ridge gran fondo route in Sonoma Co. as a cap to some great rides in Marin Co. I was blissed out the entire way across Nevada – the utter vastness of the landscape is amazing, and it was green and lush and the light was so beautiful, so naturally i wished i was riding across too just to prolong it. Past Ely a ways, I did something new and turned southeast onto highway21, which takes you past the entrance to Great Basin NP, and then onwards to Beaver, UT where it joins Interstate 15. That route was spectacular as well, all the way into Beaver. Well, I wish you all well on your journey, and will check your blog out now and then to see how you are doing.

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