Day 13: Milford to Cedar City (58 miles)

Today ended up being a shorter day of riding than planned due to there being a crazy amount of snow up by Cedar Breaks National Monument, in fact the park is still closed until maybe next week! The campsites are closed and without water, so we figured climbing in the afternoon heat with our groceries and water tank would not be very fun. It’s hard to imagine snow when we’ve been riding in dry, 85 degree weather.

Thanks to the time change we really didn’t want to get up at 5:45 this morning to avoid the automatic sprinklers. Two of the roadies from the other group we met left early and the others drove to Cedar City (cheaterss haha, jk). We took our time and stopped in Minersville, 13 miles away, where there is a great little market. It reminded me of riding through farmland in California. Leaving town there’s a long, gradual climb that is not too bad but very buggy. We got swamed by gnats the whole way up.

Coming into Cedar City is mostly downhill. We are staying at the overpriced KOA campground (at least yesterday was free) tonight. Tomorrow we’ll take the SR 14 east and climb to about 11,000′ (ouch, everyone says this one is tough), bypassing Cedar Breaks and continuing on to Highway 89 and then to Bryce Canyon!

Pounding malts in Cedar City.

Weighed our bikes at a shop. With gear and food our bikes are both about 80lbs, not including our water tank. Ack.

Got kickstands. Amazing.



  1. Your trip looks pretty damn fun and I love the platypus water tank!!
    btw, my mom was looking at your wordpress with me and she said you look so cute with your new haircut, Crystal!!
    Have fun!!

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