Day 14: Cedar City to Bryce Canyon (80 miles)

We had a late start because we had to wait for Ace Hardware to open in order to get more camping fuel. Started the climb up to the 10,000 something foot summit around 10:00am, and it was already 80 degrees. We were told it was the hottest day of the year so far by the dude in Ace. There was barely any shade the whole day and we are both pretty crispy.

The climb came as most climbs come, but the descent was hardly a descent. It seemed to take us forever to get off the mountain because of all the ups and downs.

We took the SR 14 to the 89 since the road around Cedar Breaks was closed. It was more direct but kind of miserable due to the traffic and bad shoulder. We got to Ruby’s just outside of Bryce around 8:30pm and bought tons of food for our off day tomorrow. All of the campsites in Bryce were said to be full, but after talking to a very sweet camp host, got to camp in an abandoned RV site. We’ll try to grab a tent site at the other campground in Bryce tomorrow.

The start of our climb, yay.

6 miles or so in. The summit was way beyond the red rocks; glad we didn’t know this from the start.

When nature calls, it calls.

10 miles in? Checkin out the trees.


Avalanche area.

Snow up top.

The way down was lined with aspen trees and volcanic rocks.

Lunch of bread and nutella at Duck Creek.

Finally on the 89, Red Canyon yonder.

Red Canyon bike path–14 miles to go!

Dinner in the dark, but at least we’re in Bryce Canyon!


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