June 17, Day 16: We Had a Dog. Bryce to Calf Creek (64.5 miles)

This was the most random, epic day yet!

We left Bryce around 7:30am, got doughnuts and coffee down the road and popped by the gas station to say hi to Kirby, the badass mechanic that fixed my friend Monica’s Vanagan while we were on our Utah road trip last May. After that we hit a long downhill with an 8% grade — kind of extreme for that early in the morning and it was freezing cold too.

Once we got to Kirby’s hometown, Henrieville, a crazy little dog came running toward us in the middle of the street. We checked the little buddy out and saw he was lost. No reception so we knocked on lady’s door to use her phone. We so happened to knock at a really bad time — she had just lost her husband. She left the owners (Idaho area code) a message for us and we decide to take the dog in the meanwhile.





His name was Yogi. He’d run with us uphill.


We were pretty convinced Yogi was going to be our dog. The lady in Henrieville told us people drop their dogs off all the time there. Matt was ready to zip tie a milk crate to his handlebars and take Yogi with us all the way to New York.

Near Escalante, about 40 miles after finding Yogi, Matt got pulled over by a cop and was given a ticket for being too far out in the lane. Really?!? He was the most unreasonable, loud douche bag cop ever. Thanks Officer Jared Dunton. He had cowboy apparel, spurs on his boots, and a gun sticking out of his pants. Total tool.


Minutes after the whole ordeal, a car starts honking frantically. Idaho plates — it was Yogi’s owners! They though motorcyclist had their dog and came looking for him. They had just moved to Henrieville and poor Yogi slipped out the door in the bustle.

Reunited! We were sad but kind of relieved.

In Escalante we met a ton of friendly people who loved cyclist. Cops there are notorious for being anti-cyclist they said.

Caroline and Michael, super sweet couple we met. Check out the amazing ride they are about to do: ridewithlarrymovie.com

The rest of the day (without Yogi) was pretty spectacular. Utah’s terrain is beautiful, odd, and difficult.

8% grades decending down into this canyon. It was one of the most scenic downhills ever.


Felt like we just landed on the moon.

Campsite at Calf Creek Recreation Area, our favorite site yet. Bryce was too touristy.



We both have really untasteful tans

One of our most exciting days yet.



  1. Hi, I’m glad you were able to get into calf creek! We would have loved to camp there. Did you make it to the falls? We did our first day of larry’s ride and got slammed by 30 mph winds an horizontal rain that stung. It was the hardest 60 miles we have ever done. Good luck on the rest of your journey. We’ll be watching your blog for updates.
    Michael and Caroline

  2. Hey guys,good job with the Devil eggs!!! is it stuffed with peanut butter or tuna?What a great story for Yogi….keep sending us some great pics.have fun .You should have take a pics of the cop….he probably does not know how to ride a bike;)

  3. Hey campsite neighbor! I’m finally getting around to checking out your blog- pretty great stuff here. I’m glad you’ve made it so far! That’s spectacular! Glad you’re safe. 🙂

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