June 21, Day 20: A Great Day for Food – Blanding, UT to Dolores, COLORADO! (81 miles)

We love having a ton of groceries. Started the day off with yogurt and granola, some jarred and fresh fruits, and bagels with cream cheese.

The beginning of the day was spent on the 121, a busy highway with semitrucks and bad shoulder. When we got to Monticello we were on a mission to find a milkshake.

A place called PJ’s has to have milkshakes. Nope. But they did have some of the best buffalo wings ever and redirected us to the Shake Shack.

Came with pink sauce, supposedly a Utah thing spread by Mormon missionaries. It’s just mayo and ketchup mixed together. Mmm.

So much for cooking lunch today.

It’s hard riding in a food coma. Colorado! Gentle rolling hills all the way from Monticello to Dolores.

Dove Creek, first town in Colorado. I got the stink eye walking into the grocery store.

Filled our bottles with ice water, listened to some music, and got pretty in the zone. Bean farms all along the way.

Turn off to Dolores.


Couldn’t help it. This was the first thing we saw when we came into town. Dolores is one of the cutest places we’ve seen. It’s nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, not touristy, and right next to the Dolores River. There are two places to camp — in town at the Cozy Comfort RV Park and the Dolores River RV Park, just at the end of town. We opted to stay by the river.


So much cottonwood fluff it looked like snow. We ended the night with Cream of Rice and honey, a super tasty camp dessert.


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