June 22, Day 21: Dolores to Telluride (65 miles)

Slow start, got out around 10am and we were both pretty tired. I had another flat (what’s up Hetres?!) and tried riding a different tire in the rear for today. It was way smaller. Donut tire overall no fun, switched back to the Grand Bois after patching it up later.

Gradual uphill along the Dolores River. We’re on the 145 to Rico.

Rico is the last noncommercialized mining town in CO according to this guy Dale who we met at the BBQ stand yesterday.

Ownera of Dew South are from Georgia. Yummy shrimp bisque made this morning.

Bye Rico


Our climb for today was Lizard Head Pass at 10,222′. Our buddy from last night, Dale, was waiting for us at the top and gave us the play by play for the way down, haha.

There’s the lizard head. We got mobbed by mosquitoes!

Downhill. Dandelions everywhere. At the bottom a car yelled, “that was amazing!” at us.

Bike path to Telluride! Nice gesture but it was the bumpiest path ever. We passed a cyclist that invited us to camp in her spot at the city park since it was pretty full. Thanks Rosie!


We are camping at the city park and it’s pretty happening. There is a very dysfunctional family next to us from New Mexico. They like running their generator all day and night.



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