June 23, Day 22: Off Day in Historic Telluride

We decided to break a day early in Telluride instead of Cimarron, a very wise choice.

Telluride, a very cute ski town/old mining town. They have 350 miles of tunnels.

Free box.

Lunch. Gyros and hella hella good fish tacos from the Telluride Taco truck. We were impressed.

Cute dogs at almost every storefront.

Free gondola ride to Mountain Village! You can bring your bikes up and ride down, but we didn’t want to touch our bikes today.

Travel guitar + gondola = epic song writing we can’t talk about here, haha.

What else would you stencil in Colorado?

View from the city park.

Ended the day with some ok Thai food and bought some tasty cheap breads for breakfast from Baked in Telluride.

At 11:30pm, our camp neighbors from New Mexico drove back from the bar piss drunk and started screaming at each other (again). We tried to ignore it but it went on until 12:40am and got pretty intense. We heard stuff along the lines of: “Shut up you fucking whore! Dirty slut!” and “Help me find my contact lens case or everyone will be up the whole fucking night!” “Ow goddamnit!” Definitely heard people getting slapped around and felt sorry for the daughter and her friend inside. We called the police and they showed up in seriously less than a minute (Telluride cops are on their shit!). After that all was quiet and right in Telluride City Park.


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