June 24, Day 23: Telluride to Cimarron, CO (85.5 miles)

Our BBQ friend Dale warned us the road out of Telluride would be treacherous, and it kinda was. It was 9 or 10 miles downhill with blind curves, little shoulder, and quite a big of traffic. Busted out the emergency gear and we were fine (we believe our vests make us look like road workers and people are just trained to slow down, ha). At the bottom though we got yelled at by the craziest looking logging truck driver. Didn’t understand a word he said.

Climb up Dallas Divide wasn’t bad at all and we had a huge, beautiful shoulder!

Got to Ridgeway in no time and had a snack.

Cerro Summit, last climb of the day when 4 miles feels really, really long.

Campsite at Cimarron, so glad we did our break day at Telluride. We have now mastered the art of showering in the sink and under spigots — from the looks we’ve been getting we are contemplating changing our blog name to Athletic Hobos.

Watched these bloom as it got dark.

Dinner: TJ’s harvest grains, veggie chili, bread, and sardines. Hot green tea, a grapefruit and pretzels for dessert.


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