June 27, Day 26: HEADWINNDD – Westcliffe to Olney Spring, CO (100 miles)

We were woken up by the wind at 5:30am and knew it was going to be a bad day to be riding east.

Both of our phones were dead and we still didn’t get a camera so no pictures of today, which is too bad because we saw some crazy stuff.

The last climb of the Rockies was nore drawn out than we thought, mostly due to the wind. On our way down we saw signs for big horned sheep — but no sheep. Sigh. Once we got down the landscape flattened out a bit and started seeing a lot of different plants on the side of the road, including buffalo gourd.

The wind wouldn’t stop! Going through Pueblo we passed a little yard with two adult emus, two baby emus, and… A pony. Magical dinosaur and unicorn yard.

It was crazy being in a city. Stopped for lunch at an Italian Deli called Joe Tomato’s. Got sort of lost and biked in circles before getting on the US 50, a four lane highway with tons of traffic. It was hot, dusty, and stressful. After a slurpee break we powered on to the SR 96 where traffic was lighter. The wind, however, got even worse. We were averaging 5 mph on flat terrain and we only had about 18 miles to go. Awfullllllll, but the sky became really pretty at least. We passed a prison with a lightning storm behind it and then saw a cloud that looked exactly like a fire-breathing Chinese dragon, we kid you not.

When we got to Olney Springs everything was closed. We set up at the city park and ate leftovers from lunch. A white Ford Windstar kept circling us slowly and freaked us out a bit so we went to bed with our knives and pepper spray.


Olney Springs and our camp spot in the morning


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