Day 30: Larned to Sterling, KS (55 miles)

Camping in city parks has been awesome — they’re free and usually have showers if there’s a pool. This wouldn’t fly in SF or LA.

Met Phil cruising by the pool. We were surprised when he asked us about our Rivendells! He has had 91 motorcycles since he was 58.

Phil directing us to a little breakfast place in town. Sweet guy.

Dollar deals!!! Oh yes.

Man it was hot. A lady in town said we ought to jump in the irrigation system to stay cool so we did. We didn’t find out until later that there was some nitrogen fertilizer in it. Oops.

This spider had been hitching a ride with me for a while now and finally caught some lunch.

We breaked somewhere 20 miles from
Larned. We saw a closed church with a spigot outside and stayed there for a bit until someone pulled up in the house right next store.

“I think that’s the pastor.”
“Oh no that can’t be him.”

This is Tom, he rents the house next door from the church. He gave us ice
and let us hose ourself off. He used to groom race horses all over the country. He told us how some lady got really offened when he said his dog was a lesbian, haha. He also gave us a great alternate route to Sterling. Thanks Tom!

Matt also had his first flat.


Turn left at the blue house to get to Sterling.


Arkansas River



Sterling Lake City Park.

It’s a Friday night and kids don’t have anything better to do than circle the lake a bunch of times.


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