June 30, Day 29: Ness City to Larned, KS (64 miles)

After doing three centuries in triple digit heat we decided to take it easy today and head to Larned, 64 miles away. The heat and headwind was so bad though that the ride felt torturously long.

Black pavement on the 96 made the heat feel even worse.

Just some appalling, racist stuff on the side of a train. We are definitely not in our San Franciscan bubble of diversity.

20 miles feels like an eternity in 108 degree heat. This is Alexander, the nicest rest stop we’ve ever been to. It’s supposedly the middle mark of our tour! Eric booked it ahead of us so we don’t know when or if we’ll see him again.


We laid down on the concrete and passed out for 20 minutes or so before heading out to Rush Center 13 miles away.

I wasn’t that happy to be on the bike, but this field smelled really good. I think it was freesia.

Arrived in Rush Center in a daze. Pounded a bunch of waters from a trucker co-op thing before getting lunch at Greg’s.



Greg gave Matt a free beer. He was a nice guy but asked if San Francisco really had that many gays and if he could find a Chinese wife to take home with him in Taiwan. Hah. He probably should not have talked too much about politics with strangers either. But he was very knowledgable about Kansas beef and well, yes, the beef was indeed good. Raised, slaughtered, and packed within 50 miles of the place. Sorry cows.

After Rush we turned south onto the 183 right into the wind. We were in granny gear on a flat road going nowhere. Did this for 19 miles and almost ran out of water before turning east onto the 156. From there we only had 13.5 miles to Larned.


Once it got dark we rode with our front lights off for a bit to see the fireflies around us. So neat; it was my first time seeing them.

Made it to the gas station before it closed at 11 to get pasta sauce then headed over to the Schnack City Park and Pool to camp. The place was packed with sleeping cyclist from the Ride the US with MS ride.


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