July 2, Day 31: Do Nothing in Sterling Day


Cruising around town. No gear and flip flops, oh yeah. So glad I cut all my hair off because it’s still about 100 degrees.

Sterling is a tiny college town, the student body is about 600. Most of them are gone but the craze over Independence Day is going strong. A nice lady came up to us and gave us the run down of the town’s events for the day, which included an ice cream social. Oh yes. She also informed us the place we got our ice cream yesterday was know by locals as Dairy Dump. I thought it was funny when I mentioned the ducks chasing each other she said, “You know what that…means…right?” Yes, I know ducks hump. Then she said, “I just don’t know how much from the city you are.” Haha.

Checked out the farmers’ market (4 stalls) and got this bread. It just tasted like yellow cake mix.

“Do Not
Tumble Dry”


Tina and James Bates’ Saturday 10-2pm BBQ, THE BEST pork ribs we’ve ever had and the best thing we’ve eaten on the trip. The BBQ sauce was a family secret that James only got when his father was dying. His dad even refused the royalties offered by the Hunt ketchup family.

James came to our campsite at the park later and gave us half a chicken!

Crashing the ice cream social.

Homemade ice cream, YES

Seconds. This banana bread was on point


It started to rain. Our very nice but kinda crazy neighbor had tarpped our stuff for us.

Rain? No prob. Move to the gazebo. Sweet


This duck was getting hassled by two other ducks the entire time. By the end of our stay all of her neck feathers were gone. Woo


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