July 5, Day 34: Bikram Biking – Chanute, KS to Golden City, MISSOURI (91.5 miles)

It was hard to get up this morning without the sun’s heat warming up the tent. We packed up, ate, and headed back over to Walmart to exchange the floor model camera I had just bought for one that worked.

Out by 9:30 or 10 and it was heating up.

We took a short break in Walnut (wouldn’t recommend their city park — dinky water fountain and the bathrooms are disgusting, as in poop on the seats) and realized our stove was missing! We have an MSR Whisperlite International. We figured it was at David and Rita’s and thankfully they read our emergency blog post and called us midday. They mailed it to a post office in Missouri so we’ll have it in a few days. Whew.


Immanuel Lutheran Church came out of nowhere at just the right time. We were dying for ice water and saw this sign. No one was there and we helped ourselves to some ice tea, lemonade, ice cream, and non-meat parts of a Lunchable. Too bad we didn’t plan to camp here in their air conditioned rear building. They had a cyclist log from 2007.

Finding shade = gold



Sweaty and delusional, we made it to Missouri.



We rode the last 15 or so miles in the dark. There were seriously so many big and small bugs hitting us in the face that we did this to keep them from hurting us on the steel downhills. On the up side, the number of fireflies in the trees is amazing. I had never seen them in the city so it was a treat for me.


We made this glamorous meal with a temporary stove we bought at another Walmart (yeah, it’s kind of the best store ever when you’re on a bike tour). It’s just a can of flammable gel and costs $2.22.

The city park is buggy as hell but there’s a shower!


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