The 4th of July, Day 33: Cassoday to Chanute, KS (97 miles)

Downtown Cassoday at 7:00am

Perfect morning ride. Stony Creek Rd./Foothill Rd./Rosalia Rd. could not have been more magical, seriously. Birds singing, crickets chirping, cows mooing; grasshoppers, butterflies, and turtles.

Rescuing our first turtle from the road. We named them all Henri.


At Rosalia we turned onto Highway 54 toward Eureka. There was quite a bit of traffic and we made really good time with the rolling HILLS! Couldn’t believe it wasn’t flat anymore.

We bought Roman Candles, firecrackers, and speed balls for $1.49 in Eureka!

Getting off the 54 and onto the 105. Toronto.

It was about 98 degrees and beginning to get really humid. Steep hills started to appear as well, which was kind of exciting.

Matt got retread stuck in his cassette.

We stopped to ask this guy for directions. “HOLD ON! … I’m texting. I’m new to this texting thing… Ok what can I do for you.”

Blurry picture, but Walmart was packed with people watching fireworks. We got some cheap groceries and headed to our campsite.

When we were just a block away, some people on a lawn yelled, “Want to come watch fireworks?!” and of course we did. Rita and David turned out to be the sweetest couple we’ve ever met this trip. They were cool, down to earth hippies we didn’t expect to meet in Kansas! After the fireworks they invites us to stay in their living room. We couldn’t have been happier.

David was an ex-pro motocross racer, welder, airplane and house painter, farmer, and is also a veteran. He has done it all. And he’s great buddies with the bassist from Journey.

He also had this crazy bike with internal shifting from Germany. It has been on TV a bunch of times and even comes with the original toolkit.

We slept so well on their living room floor! Thank you Rita and David!


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