July 9, Day 38: Glorious Rest Day at the Shut-Ins

Good morning. This is our home for the day, Special Use site #4. The campground is completely full and there are 50 Cub Scouts in our area. Unlike Bryce Canyon or something, this place doesn’t feel packed.

We slept in until 8:00am and then went to do laundry. The facilities here are so nice! The park was completely destroyed in 2005 when a nearby dam was breached. It took about 2 years to rebuild, and most of the funding came from the state’s hunting fees.

After laundry we made dried cranberry chicken salad and bacon sandwiches.

Biked about 1.75 miles out to the day use area where the shut-ins were. A shut-in is just a place where sediment has been eroded into gorges that hold water. Something like that.

This place is like a natural water park. Our only complaint was that there were these skinhead dudes that moved across the river because they saw me and a bunch of other Chinese people come around. FYI your stretched nipple piercings don’t make you look tough, they just make you look like a bear (no offense to bears).

The deep side of the shut-ins. Matt is at the very top waiting for his turn to jump off the cliff. I settled for the littler jump.



This place is so cool. You can scramble on rocks while swimming, wade, dive, lay out, whatever you want to do.

Back at the campsite we met 5 westbound cyclists that had just arrived. We were wondering why our site was so big. Oops.

Rice, beans, cheese, bell peppers and onions + tuna. Our dinner wasn’t as inventive as the others’, notably the Top Ramen burritos.


Mike. Online poker extraordinaire. Lives in Buenos Aires and this is his first tour. He cuts his sponges in half like us too.

Peter, visual artist from Scotland and he also was a bike mechanic.

Aimee from Oregon. She has gotten a bunch of other people to write “this is awesome” on the most random things/parts of their bodies. We wrote it on our mug and helmet; she has it on her mirror.



  1. Hey you two! Bad luck with the rim. Peter is curious how that is playing out since your wheel is an unusual size. Did the trans am bike shop have one? You can eat our eggs in the Al’s fridge too. Excellent photo documentation on all events. Our blog is at …go to crazyguyonabike.com and search for MC & Aimee go c2c. We did post today. We are waiting out the heat in summers ville. Damn the iPad spellchecker. Wishing you better luck on down the road! Aimee

    • Hi Aimee! Luckily, well, not luckily, it was Matt’s rim and not mine so the TransAm shop did have a cheap 26″ wheel for him. We’re at the Eagle’s place now and yeah, the heat is awful today! I’ll check your crazyguy out now. Save travels!

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