July 14, Day 43: Sebree to Rough River Dam State Resort Park, KY (71 miles)

Sleeping in a cool, dark room with no windows doesn’t help in the waking up early department. We were kind of in an off mood leaving the church.

Bob and Violet’s house next to the church.


Sad Tyson chickens inside.

Quiet country roads. While riding I said, “we need a dog to jump out to spice things up.” Well, soon after, somewhere between Glenville and Utica, a pretty good sized Boxer with balls jumped in front of me and wouldn’t get away from my front wheel. I tried macing it but the wind blew it back on my left arm and leg. WHOOPS, that would happen to me. Matt came around and it started nipping at him too, even after he got off his bike. It got super aggressive each time Matt tried to mount and they had a long stand off until finally Matt maced it right in the face. It whimpered and stumbled into the grass on the opposite side of the street. More dogs came out and a neighbor started smacking one with a stick. Then we fled the scene.

Brown, red, burning hands. That dog must be hurting, because I was for about an hour and a half.

At Utica we ran into another westbound cyclist. He told us he was chased by 10 dogs in one day and a 200lb Boxer on steroids that he had to mace was just about 2 days ahead of us. What?!


Search team — someone went missing and we were told he “shouldn’t be dangerous.”



The roads around the Rough River were beautiful to ride. When we were 10 miles or so away we saw a sign that said we were 20 away and both of us almost threw a fit. Rice and beans for dinner again — we can’t stop daydreaming about the food back home and that awaits us in New York!


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