July 15, Day 44: Rough River Dam to Bardstown, KY (70.5 miles)


It’s too bad we had to leave this morning — we found out the park was holding a guitar, fiddle, and banjo contest. We also talked to a guy whose daughter was mauled by a dog when she was 8 and had to get 140 stitches. He had no sympathy for the dogs in Kentucky.

Met a guy named Slug, this is his PBR tattoo.

As we were leaving and about to pay for our site, the guy at the kiosk said not to tell anyone and to save our money for breakfast.

The dam.

Breakfast in McDaniels. We shouldn’t have stopped but we were so hungry and the guy told us to get breakfast so…

While we were there a local suggested we take the 62 part of the way to Bardstown, a route Google Maps also suggested. We thought about it and decided to do it since it would save us 25 miles.

Gas station slots.


Turning off route onto Constantine-Vertrees Rd. Several abandoned barns and shacks made it kind of creepy. It then went in and out of farmland. Ran into some friendly dogs as well. Departing from the ACA route was a nice change of pace.



Turned onto a huge shoulder on the 62 that later disappeared through busy Elizabethtown. We got a bit freaked out until we saw a horse and buggy go by on the same busy highway.

Matt got a flat because we took a shortcut, obviously.

The last 20 miles of the 62 were chill and wonderful. Except I started to get shooting pains in my sit bone area.


Historic Bardstown. The Telluride of Kentucky.

We had no luck finding pasta sauce at the gas station and the lady working there made it seem like there wasn’t a single store open in town (there was, we found out later by the campsite). So we ate delicious carne aside burritos.

Things we saw while dining:
-A guy on a buggy that whipped his horse really hard to make it run the red light.
-Rednecks freaking out over what happened in the newest Harry Potter movie.
-Tons of clean muscle cars and motorcycles roaring by.


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