July 19, Day 48: Hindman, KY to Breaks Interstate Park, VIRGINIA! (71.5 miles)


For breakfast David served up fruit, coffee cake, tea and coffee, strawberry shortcake, and cereal.

We left in morning traffic, sharing the road with numerous coal trucks as well.

Pippa Passes. Shout out to Robert Browning.

Kritter Kuts?! This tops Kampus Kuts in Murphysboro, IL.


Coal centers.



The roads in Appalachia are steep and winding. There are also tons of warning and no trespassing signs. I like the “someone is watching you” sign. David informed us it usually means they’re growing pot.


Matt decided to change his squeaking rear brake pads in Melvin. He ended up breaking something instead and so he went on with no real rear brake power.

As we were riding along a dirt bike with two dudes on it sped passed us and stopped just a bit up the road. It was an interesting scene when we caught up — one guy holding a chrome revolver walking toward a house with a purpose and the other a flask. We heard some gunshots later and that was that.

Okay, the Appalachians are no joke. Thought it wasn’t too long, the road to Lookout was the steepest, leg-busting, head-bursting climb of the trip. It was followed by a nearly vertical, winding descent down to Ashcamp before going up again.

Somewhere along the way there was a huge pit bull at the bottom of a cliff barking at us. “No way” we thought, and next thing we knew the damn thing was running up the cliff and on the road right behind us.



Ready to get out of Kentucky and getting closer to Virginia.

I can’t believe we biked here. We’re in a state that touches the ocean!

Goodbye Kentucky, but we hear the heatwave is going to follow us through Virginia.

last railroad tracks we’d see in Kentucky

Tonight we’re at Breaks Interstate Park, the “Grand Canyon of the East Coast.” Tons of mosquitoes and spiders. We made burritos with brown rice, refried beans, cheese, bell peppers and onions for dinner.


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