July 23, Day 52: Catawba to Mallard Duck Campground, VA (73 miles)

This morning we said screw the alarm and “slept in” until about 7:30am.

Got fresh biscuits from the store and put the apple butter Perry had given us on it. So delicious.



The terrain wasn’t bad but we were so, so tired. At least we had very nice scenery.

After 20 miles we hit the small town of Troutville. We visited their farmers’ market of a couple stalls and got peaches. The park director was a nay sayer and told us we wouldn’t make it to Mallard Duck. Hey, we made it this far…


bikes on ground, describes how we felt pretty well.20110727-063730.jpg

A lot of people in Troutville recommended us to The Fountain in Buchanan. The malts were good but the food was so bland.




We got off our bikes to walk across the swaying bridge at the James River.

At a gas station near Natural Bridge. What is this?!
10/30 EDIT: Dobsonfly. Mystery finally solved.

Right when we were getting overheated it started raining. Lightning and thunder storming pouring frogs rain (I know what this means now. There were so many tiny frogs on the ground it looked like it was raining frogs). As the Harley gang at the gas station moaned about the rain, we put our gear on and headed out. It was the most rain of the trip so far. We were on mostly flat country roads so it wasn’t so scary.


Lexington. Stonewall Jackson’s grave.

Taken downtown while fixing my flat. Really cute town, too bad there was nowhere to camp.

We ended the day somewhere in the middle of the woods at Mallard Duck Campground. Those crazy bugs were swarming a light near our tent.


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