July 26, Day 55: Mineral to Fredericksburg, VA (42 miles)


Our little shed at Mineral.



Going around Lake Anna.

We realized we didn’t have to go all the way to Ashland to head up the Atlantic Coast route, and that we could just take the 208 north straight to Fredericksburg and save 50 miles. 30 miles away we ran into a road cyclist named Stan and he invited us to stay at his house in Fredericksburg.



Okay, so he ended up having a lot to say that we didn’t agree with, including: the Muslim religion is evil (and Christianity is somehow perfect), there is no rape in Japan, girls get pregnant as teenagers to be popular, Asians treat life cheaply, hence all the prostitution in Thailand, and poverty has nothing to do with violence in America. All this and more aside he was a very interesting, complex character and we appreciated the sense of camaraderie he held toward us as fellow cyclists. We enjoyed his stories about flying airplanes for a living and cave diving very much.

He was really nice and drove us around downtown and to the market.

Can’t complain about steak for dinner.


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