Fattening Up

Our bodies keep screaming FOOD FOOD FOOD.

Our legs may be ripped but we’re damn skinny everywhere else.

Here’s some of the stuff we ate, just imagine ice cream and junk food interspersed between photos.

After making omlettes and a 4 hour nap we went out for a Shack Stack at Shake Shack (fried, cheese-stuffed portabella mushroom on a patty), cheese fries, and a coffee shake.


Then walked to Chinatown for two rounds of dumplings and soymilk at Prosperity Dumpling. Five dumplings cost $1.

Our host, Steven. It was boba time.

We were exhausted and against the wants of our bellies had to go to sleep after this.

The next day:

Celebratory ramen at Ippudo.


Compost Cookie at Momofuku Milkbar and farmers’ market juice.


Visiting Steven’s sister at Murry’s in the Grand Central Marketplace.

Bugolgi sliders from Danji.


Chicken and lamb rice (mine covered in white sauce and hot sauce) from the best halal cart in NY on 53rd and 6th.

The night ended with ice cream and Adventure Time on the Cartoon Network.


One comment

  1. And after all these gastronomical delights you still had a craving for Chinese sausage and curedsalted duck!

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