July 31, Day 60: Wait, are we Touring or Randonneuring? — Reamstown, PA to BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY! (146 miles)


Good morning from behind someone’s fence in Reamstown. We slept 4 hours and hit the road within 10 minutes before anyone could kick us out.
Leaving Reamstown. We couldn’t believe this was the last day!

Kramer Mill Road

Ducks turning at all the same time. They are more organized than chickens.

Small village of Bowmansville 8 or so miles later.

Vagrant lifestyle. Brushing our teeth and freshening up at the Bowmansville baseball park.

What we had left in our bags for breakfast.

Telephone line down somewhere near Geigertown.

Geigertown, just 20 miles or so from Reamstown. We were sleepy and took a power nap outside of the post office.

After napping we rode about 6 miles to the next town of St. Peters — we didn’t expect to run into such a cool little spot.


There are several old quarries around St. Peters for swimming.

Their bakery was really good.

The Pilgrim Turkey on apple-walnut-raisin bread. Best sandwich of the trip.

Apple cheesecake. This was a perfect lunch stop — we had food that was actually really good, beautiful scenery, and some guy was playing digeridoo and other instruments below us. We spent way too long here but it didn’t matter.

This guy played Arkansas Traveler for us.

Okay, back on the bike.

Crossing over the Schuylkill River by Valley Forge National Historic Park.

Schuylkill River Trail, a bike path that didn’t suck. We took this all the way to Conshohoken and wished we could have stayed on it 16 more miles to Philadelphia, but with 90 miles to go we didn’t have any time. We took a break to eat some bread and cookies, biked next to a guy in a really nice vintage Mercedes and chatted for a while, then rode to Amber to get hyped.

We bought energy drinks for the first time and were pretty pumped for the first 25 miles.

Once we got onto Lower Mountain Rd. it started to get dark. All of these tiny residential roads in the hills are heavily shaded and it got pitch black really quick.

This is a sardine sandwich we made once we got to New Hope around 9pm. We still had over 50 miles to go.

Right across the bridge from New Hope is Lambertville, New Jersey. It was already really Jersey Shore.

About to ride all of New Jersey in the dark and we were both tired as hell.

The small, one-lane, tree-covered back roads were some of the spookiest on the trip — perfect place to find a ghost, witch, or serial killer. We rode into spiderwebs all night and heard the craziest sounds. Riding took a long time not just because we were sleep deprived and tired, but the roads were dark and poorly paved. Trying to find the right turnoff in the dark also slowed us down.

Once we only had 20 miles to go we contemplated sleeping next to a bank for a while. We were so sleepy but decided to just go for it.

Summit, New Jersey train station — the official end of the trip according to our Adventure Cycling maps. Tears of joyyyyyyy.

Taking the short train ride from Summit to Penn Station in Manhattan is the easiest way to get to NYC.


We stunk. Being on the train with a bunch of colonged business men felt wrong. The minute we got off the train we were overwhelmed by people and a sense of anonymity.

Our friend Steven (who we did a tour from LA to SF with two years ago), met us at the station and guided us to Brooklyn.

But first we had to stop at Doughnut Plant.

COCONUT CREAM FILLED. Best donut of my life.

Creme Brulee donut.

Donut Butt.

We were kinda homley, very happy. The guys at the Plant hooked us up with some free donuts.

Broken brake hoods and a little spider living in there.

It’s crazy riding in a big city after being in the Kountry.

Williamsburg Bridge.

60 days, 53 days of riding, 4,007 miles (not including getting lost and exploring), a desert, 4 mountain ranges, and a bunch of adventures later… we made it to our friend’s house in Brooklyn with our 80lb bicycles.

What a surreal feeling.

Stay tuned for post-tour goodies, reflections, and whatnot.


as my grandma would say in Surinamese, “KLARIE KABA!”
it’s finished!



  1. How fitting that after a grueling, totally awe inspiring 2 months trip you reached (the) Summit as your destination. You made climbing Mount Everest look like a mole hill …

  2. Steven, thanks for reigning in the 2 hobos for a couple of days.

    Much appreciated .

    Randolph ( a roader wannabe )

  3. What a wonderful trip the two of you took…it sounds wonderful, but tiring. Hope to see more posts about the trip soon. Congratulations on your cross country trip!!

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