Last Day in NY

Steven carrying all the bike boxes we found back to his house. Ridiculous.20110804-021725.jpg
Track stand.

Wow, it’s really over.


What Hetre Grand Bois tires look like after 2 months and over 4,000 miles.

It cost $105 to ship our bikes back FedEx. Ouch.

Free donuts stike again!! Chai and banana pecan donut pictured (they were out of coconut). Chocolate cream, blueberry, and cinnamon crumb in the bag. Thank you Doughnut Plant.

One of our favorites on the trip — spicy cumin lamb hand-pulled noodles from Xian Famous Foods ($6) on East Broadway. SO delicious. This place is cash only and has standing space for
4 people at a little counter. This and a coconut cream filled donut could be my last meal on earth.

Last meal in NY at the Meatball Shop. The Everything But The Kitchen Sink
Salad was crazy delicious: spicy pork balls + mushroom cream sauce with arugula, marinated beets, vinegary cucumbers, and perfectly blanched and oiled broccoli.

Tomorrow we fly back to San Francisco and do what took us 60 days in 6 hours.


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